We’re a tech-studio founded ex Goldman Sachs executives and startup founders, driven by women only coders. We reinvest the proceeds from our profits in more women empowering initiatives.



120/7th Milestone Karnal, India


+91 - 7827405083

HerCode is an initiative by HCode Technologies to empower women, who still face a huge discrimination in equal work opportunities, especially in the developing world.

Empowering women professionally not only leads to their financial independence, but also solves a host of other domestic and societal problems that are linked to their weakened social status.

We aim to do this by training women in commercially viable programming languages such as HTML and CSS and giving them training on platforms such as WordPress and Shopify; and then either hiring them or helping placement to relevant organisations. In order that our efforts reach to where it matter most, we prioritize on women who come from financially disadvantaged families.

Parent Organization

HerCode is brainchild of HCode technology, a tech studio founded by Ex-Goldman Sachs techies in a small town in India. With an aim to democratise technology work opportunities, after working in US and founding and exiting from Startups successfully, the founders started to come back and settle here and give jobs and exposure to local youth.

Hcode specialises in App and Web Development with deep expertise and portfolio of strong products delivered in Python, Django, React Native / JS, Android, iOS, HTML5, JQuery, Ajax, javascript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Java etc.